Teenage girl athletes and dating violence

Sport has the ability to lift up athletes on women and girls’ teams as leaders who play an important role in demanding and reinforcing a culture that denounces violence and supports healthy individuals, relationships, and communities.

Join and Raliance to explore these possibilities and to learn about a new culturally competent and research-based prevention program for high school girls’ sports teams called, “Athletes As Leaders (originally named Student Leaders & Athletic Youth).” The lead author of the program and student-athlete participants will share curriculum content, evaluation results, and highlight an RPE-funded project at a diverse urban high school in Seattle as a case example.

"The defense is that Nathaniel was not criminally responsible at the time of the incident," Sullivan told Smith. Wade Meyers, a psychiatrist, evaluated Nathaniel after Lauren's murder.

"Because of the major mental illness." "The defense, I would ask you to consider, is one of lack of criminal responsibility," Sullivan told the court. Bill Sullivan: What did he tell you happened when Miss Astley arrived at the house?

Life lessons such as teamwork, leadership skills, accountability, and self-reflection can all be facilitated through participation in sport and sports teams.

Efforts to prevent sexual and domestic violence through sport typically target men and boys, but what about women and girls?

"And then in the morning," Genevieve said with a long pause, "they found her." Just after daybreak, Lauren's body was discovered in a marsh. "I was hoping up until the last moment that it was not her, even when we went to the Medical Examiner's office," Lauren's father, Malcolm Astley told "48 Hours" correspondent Tracy Smith.

"..is perhaps the most generous human being I have ever met," Mattingly said, tears streaming down his face. now he is a warehoused person with a number," Mattingly said. "I wanna know when he started thinking about doing it," Dunne said. "He took her away from everyone," Genevieve said in tears, "she was like 18 years old." Lauren's room remains as she left it.

"They are facing ongoing - equivalent of torture for the son for the rest of his life," said Astley. "Mental illness is real and nobody asks for it..." "When is he even going to apologize," Mary Dunne wondered. "I want to know what she was doing when he hurt her. "Her prom dress is in there and a couple of other things that she liked.

Sports have enormous influence on culture and can play an important role in preventing sexual and domestic violence.

Youth sports, in particular, teach youth more than just how to play the game.

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